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May 26, 2010


On a previous trip into the French countryside, the first village where we lingered, was
(of Lacanche range cookers and stoves)

We saw this curious little french chien peeping through a "half" gate

I imagined all the La Poste Sacs behind the closed door......

like these

En route in  the Luberon, at the foot of the hills below Bonnieux, we saw two artistes painting this beautiful scene..I wondered about them..was it a student and a teacher...or perhaps two lovers meeting next to a poppy field... sharing the same passion ..

Another village we wandered around for more than just a day,
that of  ancestors...

Both my husband (de Villiers - Nel) and myself(nee-Marais) descent from the French Huguenots that  arrived in  South Africa in 1685 
These French Huguenots that fled France when the edict of Nantes was repealed , settled in the Western Cape,  most of them in the wine regions of Stellenbosch, and a little village not far from where we live now, called Franschoek. (if you translate this directly: "French corner")
 My maiden name was Marais- we traced it  all the way back  to this little village between  valleys and mountains in the Luberon. -


I still regret not bringing home with me this encounter

between a shy jeune fille  and her lover...
in La Madone's antique shop in Lourmarin.
    -La Boutique de L'Antiquarie -


Trouvais said...

Hi Colette. Wonderful hearing your history, understanding France's pull for you! Still haven't figured out my fascination...though my maiden name was Lyon, and I'd like to think my family once hailed from the silk capital of France. You KNOW how much I love those La Poste bags! XO Trish

la Brocanteuse said...

Thank you Trish,
O should start is amazing to uncover, discover and walk where your ancestors probably have walked...maybe touched a wall on their way down a road..saw the now huge old trees as young trees,see the castle that has been there in their view as well...
o yes, I KNOW you love La Poste bags...Colx

Cindy said...

Chere Colette,
I am almost positive that the photo featuring two artists is that of my friend, Andrew Petrov, with one of his students. He is an artist/teacher who lives in Saignon.
What a wonderful surprise to see this picture.
Cindy McDonald

la Brocanteuse said...

Hello Cindy,
thank you for visiting- wow that is quite something...I will visit your artist friend's web site. I remeber it was so special to see the two artistes and one could see the paintings on their canvasswes from the road...really special.
kind regards