la Brocanteuse

Aug 4, 2014

L'Atelier Colette has opened her doors..

It has been months since I last posted, and for good reason.
One think you can plan your day, week , month , year..more or less,...
 but life sometimes forces one to pause. We may not like LIFE to interfere...but in the end, far end,  it is always for the better and with reason.

I am happy to share that L'Atelier Colette has opened doors, and has had two very successful " OPEN DAY" events!

The first event  was over two days early in JUNE, introducing French linens et tresor  to everyone who so patiently waited for me to open the trunks, empty armoires and  gather up to  unpack and unveil.

I was so excited to be able to share at last.....
Antique French monogrammed linens...

grainbag runners

Original French torchon

French Brocante dolls...

Brocante tresor: cutlery

French monogrammed serviettes
Chemises:Original French linen working clothes

I got spoiled  with flowers, custom baked biscuits , chocs and the best wishes... thank you!

The past week saw L'Atelier Colette 's second OPEN DAY EVENT.
As space is limited and to accommodate even more fellow lovers of French linen, this time held  over three days. 

  Feverish excited and  surprised by everyone who travelled the distance, found the time to stay awhile, and loved what were shared...this time, adding to my must have item (Original French hand monogrammed linen)
~French dentelle et ruban ~

special lengths collected over time at Brocantes, others from a favourite little lace shop in Paris, and then some. Original and vintage in style.

Vintage Parisien Pink velvet ruban 
on original wooden bobbins..

L'Atelier Colette is not a conventional shop ~

 it is a space where everything I collect on travels to France is kept together, ready to be shared at regular  OPEN DAY EVENTS , and for out of town visitors..or if you just could not make it to the Open Day Event, - there is a welcome  "by appointment" ~arrangement 

If you would like to be invited to these OPEN DAY EVENTS , please forward your email to or click on the link top right of this page-which will take you to L'Atelier Colette Face book page where you will be kept up to date on a daily basis about what is happening in my petit Atelier!

a reminder: contact me if you are interested~ the last few copies of Nina Hartmann book: Among vintage & friends,still available.Will post country wide.

Don't  regret  not getting your's while still available!

et Bientôt!