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Feb 24, 2015

Behind the scenes: HOME ~ TUIS

A great start to a new year~ 


image:Al fresco
Excited to share a glimpse into my home and lifestyle for the upcoming French edition of Lifestyle magazine TUIS~HOME out in May 2015,

image: Prep in kitchen
The day went smooth, the light was good and we had loads of creative fun deciding on angles, props and all that is part of such an extensive shoot.

image:entrance hall

Talented Henrique Wilding of Henrique Wilding Photography and Marian van Wyk,creative editor TUIS/HOME
captured the essence of our home so extraordinary special~


images: Hers Bathroom/Bedroom

Thank you for stopping by

et bientôt


all above images- behind the scenes~ by Colette

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Nella Miller said...

Dear Colette, I'm thrilled and so happy to see this! Your vignettes are so lovely, I can only imagine your home ...
I don't know how I would get my hands on a copy of the magazine....Congratulations, dear well deserved...xoxo

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh Colette,
I havé missed you dearly, such a surprise to see the beauty posted here of your home. Indeed the photographer showed your home in beautiful light.
Oh how I love your floors with that being the foundation of every piece placed apon it.

I would love to read this magazine that your home will pop up in. Show us more if all possible.

Beauty surrounds you in the best ways.


The Blue Farmhouse said...

Congratulations....looks soooo beautiful from here!


Amelangeetmoi.blogspot said...

Bon soir Colette from Paris ,just relaxing after another day of wandering around Paris
Having returned to Blogland it was great fun enjoying your treasures again and looking forward to more
Love the foto of you with your flowings locks - beautiful
A bientot love fay xx

Pura Vida said...

Hi friend nice to see you said...

At long last, a post from one of my favorite blogs! Perhaps you imagine no one is reading you but I assure you very differently! I so love your every post and your home is looking beyond gorgeous. Congratulations on being featured!

obat herbal bopeng di wajah said...

great post
beautiful pics

Méa Strauß said...

Dear Colette, I am glad, I found your post through Mimi´s :)) This is differnent, oh, I will be here a lot with your permission ;)
Thank you for this, so inspiring, especially these colors in the kitchen got me...
Best wishes, Méa